! Murcia Today - The Grey Seal Found On El Portus Beach Returns To The Mediterranean By Itself

2022-03-24 11:12:03 By : Mr. James Li

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Emergency services in Murcia have dealt with 39 weather-related incidents already today (Wednesday March 23) The Region..

This is the lowest number of daily hospital admissions in the Murcia Region since before the sixth wave The various coronavirus..

A 3-million-euro mansion takes first place as the most expensive home in the Region of Murcia The most expensive property..

Water is constantly being pumped out of flooded streets in Puerto de Mazarron While the adverse weather conditions of the..

Details have not yet been released whether either the man or the vehicle were involved in the truckersandrsquo; strike..

The heavy rainfall caused the river to swell up and surround the car in the northwest Murcia town A man has had to be..

Towns and cities in Spain regularly change streets named after Francoist leaders but this is the first time Murcia has given..