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Product descriptionThis seal is used for moving piston and rod in cylinder. With good guide effect,it can absorb radial force anytime,prevent metal-to-metal contact in the cylinder,and reduce the friction. DEF have many material available for guide ring according to your specific requirements.Application Range.Pressure (MPa): 35

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Product description
This seal is used for moving piston and rod in cylinder. With good guide effect,it can absorb radial force anytime,prevent metal-to-metal contact in the cylinder,and reduce the friction. DEF have many material available for guide ring according to your specific requirements.

Application Range.
Pressure (MPa): 35
Temperature [° C]: -55...+160
Sliding speed[m/s]: 1.5
Medium: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids, water, air and others.


Construction Machinery
Dust Ring/Wear Ring From Factory-KztDust Ring/Wear Ring From Factory-Kzt
Order NumberDdHhOrder NumberDdHh
KZT 20x14x520145.25KZT 55x49x555495.25
KZT 25x19x525195.25KZT 56x50x556505.25
KZT 30x24x530245.25KZT 60x54x560545.25
KZT 31.5x25.5x531.525.55.25KZT 63x55x663556.26
KZT 32x26x532265.25KZT 65x57x665576.26
KZT 35x29x535295.25KZT 70x62x670626.26
KZT 35.5x29.5x535.529.55.25KZT 70x65x14.870651514.8
KZT 40x34x540345.25KZT 71x63x671636.26
KZT 45x39x545395.25KZT 75x67x675676.26
KZT 50x44x550445.25KZT 75x70x14.875701514.8
KZT 53x47x553475.25KZT 80x72x680726.26
KZT 80x72x14.880721514.8KZT 112x104x61121046.26
KZT 80x75x9.580759.79.5KZT 115x107x61151076.26
KZT 80x75x14.880751514.8KZT 115x107x7.911510787.9
KZT 85x77x685776.26KZT 115x107x9.51151079.79.5
KZT 85x77x14.885771514.8KZT 115x107x14.81151071514.8
KZT 85x80x9.585809.79.5KZT 115x110x14.81151101514.8
KZT 85x80x14.885801514.8KZT 120x112x61201126.26
KZT 90x82x690826.26KZT 120x112x7.912011287.9
KZT 90x82x14.890821514.8KZT 120x112x9.51201129.79.5
KZT 90x85x9.590859.79.5KZT 120x112x14.81201121514.8
KZT 90x85x14.890851514.8KZT 120x115x14.81201151514.8
KZT 95x87x695876.26KZT 125x117x61251176.26
KZT 95x87x14.895871514.8KZT 125x117x7.912511787.9
KZT 95x90x9.595909.79.5KZT 125x117x9.51251179.79.5
KZT 95x90x14.895901514.8KZT 125x117x14.81251171514.8
KZT 100x92x6100926.26KZT 125x120x14.81251201514.8
KZT 100x92x7.91009287.9KZT 130x122x61301226.26
KZT 100x92x9.5100929.79.5KZT 130x122x7.913012287.9
KZT 100x92x14.8100921514.8KZT 130x122x9.51301229.79.5
KZT 100x95x9.5100959.79.5KZT 130x122x14.81301221514.8
KZT 100x95x14.8100951514.8KZT 130x125x14.81301251514.8
KZT 105x97x6105976.26KZT 135x127x61351276.26
KZT 105x97x7.91059787.9KZT 135x127x7.913512787.9
KZT 105x97x9.5105979.79.5KZT 135x127x9.51351279.79.5
KZT 105x97x14.8105971514.8KZT 135x127x14.81351271514.8
KZT 105x100x14.81051001514.8KZT 140x132x61401326.26
KZT 110x102x61101026.26KZT 140x132x7.914013287.9
KZT 110x102x7.911010287.9KZT 140x132x9.51401329.79.5
KZT 110x102x9.51101029.79.5KZT 145x137x61451376.26
KZT 110x102x14.81101021514.8KZT 145x137x7.914513787.9
KZT 110x105x14.81101051514.8KZT 145x137x9.51451379.79.5
KZT 150x142x61501426.26KZT 200x192x82001928.28
KZT 150x142x7.915014287.9KZT 210x202x82102028.28
KZT 150x142x9.51501429.79.5KZT 220x212x82202128.28
KZT 155x147x61551476.26KZT 224x216x82242168.28
KZT 155x147x7.915514787.9KZT 230x222x82302228.28
KZT 155x147x9.51551479.79.5KZT 240x232x82402328.28
KZT 160x152x61601526.26KZT 250x242x82502428.28
KZT 160x152x7.916015287.9KZT 260x252x82602528.28
KZT 160x152x9.51601529.79.5KZT 270x262x82702628.28
KZT 165x157x61651576.26KZT 280x272x82802728.28
KZT 165x157x7.916515787.9KZT 290x282x82902828.28
KZT 165x157x9.51651579.79.5KZT 300x292x83002928.28
KZT 170x162x61701626.26KZT 310x302x83103028.28
KZT 170x162x7.917016287.9KZT 320x312x83203128.28
KZT 170x162x81701628.28KZT 340x332x83403328.28
KZT 170x162x9.51701629.79.5KZT 350x342x83503428.28
KZT 175x167x9.51751679.79.5KZT 360x352x83603528.28
KZT 180x172x7.918017287.9     
KZT 180x172x81801728.28     
KZT 180x172x9.51801729.79.5     
KZT 185x177x9.51851779.79.5     
KZT 190x182x7.919018287.9     
KZT 190x182x81901828.28     
KZT 190x182x9.51901829.79.5     

1.How can you get sample free?
Answer: Sample free to you but your side pay the freight charge. 
2.Could I make it according to my structure drawing?
Answer: Of course, we can make from your structure drawing.
3.Why choose Guangdong DEF Seals solutions Co., Ltd ?
         1.Professional and reliability.
         2.Complete production line, quickly delivery.
         3.Advanced equipments, high quality and competitive price.
         4.We have a heart like fire.
         5.We are ready to serve you all the time.
FOBFOB Shenzhen
Method of paymentT/T (bank account, paypal,western union)
Delivery time5 to 7 working days, 2 days for in stock
Supply ability5000000Pcs/Month
Packagingplastic film for inner packaging and cartons for outer packaging
Export marketSouth Asia, Southest Asia, Europe, South America, North America,  Africa, Middle East, Australia

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Dust Ring/Wear Ring From Factory-Kzt

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